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➢ The Adventures of Jingle King & The Notes: For the first time in history animated music notes are the cast of characters.

➢ Abram Creates Music: A new heart-warming fairy tale of how music came to be

➢ The Enchanting Story of Jingle King & The Notes – Presenting the greatest historical music story ever told!

➢ Children’s Film Treatments: Offered for outside production and much more! Family – Adventure – Comedy and Musical to name a few.

We can all remember a favorite TV show, character, or cartoon program that made us laugh, moral to the story or inspired us. The content of that program (the words, actions, attitudes, behaviors, and emotions) became a part of our personal fabric and had an influence on our approach to our daily lives. What you absorb as a young person shapes the adult you will become.

Our mission is to offer children and their families an abundance of fun, adventure, knowledge, wit, positive values, and social skills through entertaining and educational programming.

Our inspirational animated music note characters in Jingle King & The Notes will empower children to blossom into the best they can be. At the conclusion of each episode of Jingle King & The Notes, it is our goal for children to come away with positive thoughts and a happy tune in their heart!

Through the magical and heart-warming fairy tale of “Abram Creates Music” we will all learn the origin of music, the universal language, and the backstory to Jingle King & The Notes.

Everyone’s future depends on what our children become. We want that future to be very, very bright and we believe Cartune TV Network and its historical animated music note cast of characters will serve as a catalyst in this quest.

With production assistance, we plan to reach out to families and happily share our programs and content in such forms as TV series, motion picture, web-based programs and outlets, e-books, comic books, and more.

Our prior story and animation project was awarded with the Key to the City of Las Vegas, and we are now ready for even greater achievements.

After several years of program and character development, creative writing, and animation video production, we are now enthusiastically pursuing a cartoon series for “The Adventures of Jingle King & The Notes”, a literary agent/ publisher for “Abram Creates Music”, and a Manager/Agent for all of our various content.

We are always open to suggestions for content, character development, programming, production, and distribution.

We are looking for the right partners to participate in the production of this incredible content. If you are interested, we welcome you to become a part of the Cartune TV Network family!

Our contact information is listed below:

Phone: 877.836.2556

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