He is an Eighth Note, dynamic, always moving things forward. The King of Cartuneville’s tuneful Kingdom of Notes and the Global Music Ambassador for Children. A benevolent king with an unparalleled vocal range allowing him to easily sing anything from opera to jazz. He is a noble king, with characteristics reminiscent of a more lighthearted version of King Arthur, defending the Kingdom and the World from disharmony through the power of music.
She is a Quarter Note, steady, always sustaining others. The Queen of Cartuneville’s tuneful Kingdom of Notes. A charitable queen who cares deeply about her subjects, is compassionate, and an environmental activist. Through her tender relationships with everyone she meets and her special admiration of mother nature, she is immensely popular with her subjects reminiscent of Princess Diana.
She is a ThirtySecond Note, light and freeflowing, stringing along melodies that trail like glitter glistening behind her wavy tripleflag ponytail. The daughter of the Jingle King and Queen, Melody is spirited, inquisitive and mischievous which sometimes gets her into trouble, but other times leads to unexpected, exciting discoveries. She relishes being a part of the Flying ThirtySecond Notes which lifts
her soul even higher. She embraces life and shares the joy of melodious song with every creature she encounters, bringing life, color, and joy to the Kingdom.

He is a Whole Note, paused and sustained, with a vast knowledge of nearly everything. He is the Professor of Music, the narrator of all the educational aspects of the Jingle King adventures and music lessons. When he removes the top of his “Cap of Knowledge” to reach deep down in the cap for what might be needed, the Notes are always excited to see the whirlwind of colorful educational symbols and words that emerge and ready to learn of the Professor’s critical insights or inventions that come just in time to rescue the Notes from trouble. He is reminiscent of a combination of The Professor on Gilligan’s Island and MacGyver.
Being a Sixteenth Note, he is lightening quick and always ready for action. He is a gifted scout and an eager participant for any adventure. Pitch wears aviator goggles because his flags turn into aircraft blades propelling him high into the sky where he provides aerial views of the situation. If he sees any type of bullying, he descends upon the action to set things right. However, when it comes to singing with the Notes, he is always in “perfect” pitch.
He is a funny lighthearted half note who makes kids giggle and laugh out loud. Whenever he is on scene, children become immediately engaged because they can’t wait to join in his fun. As his name suggests, Tempo is the pulse of The Notes always ready to pick up the pace or slow it down. Tempo is a flexible, hang loose kind of Note who is readily adaptable because the beat always changes. Tempo delights in bringing merriment and laughter to others after all, laughter is the best medicine and Tempo delivers a daily dose.
Ringaling Sharp is the colorful jester in the court of Jingle King and the Notes! He is a clever and happy character that keeps everyone laughing and giggling at his silly jokes, stunts, and hijinks. He jingles as he jumps and down and can blow musical note bubbles from every instrument he plays. His jester suit is decorated in happy colors of musical notes, stripes, and designs. His jester hat and shoes are sewn with many tiny bells making happy sounds that reflect his name, along with his music that represents all musical notes in his songs.
Toon Profile:
He’s a serious young fellow who enjoys reading, playing many assorted musical instruments and he also loves a competitive game of chess.

Tune Profile:

He’s a very serious surfer who loves playing all outdoors sports with fervor. He’s always a good sport, and shakes the hand followed by a big hug and congratulations to any opponent who manages to beat him fairly. Together, these twin notes make up the backup singers to Jingle King & The Notes.

Simultaneously, they add great tempo and harmony to all music with their measured beats, known as, B P M, beats per minute. They are joined by a beam, each having the value of 1/2 note. They are the notes with one flag. Both twins work in unison becoming beamed according to the whim of every composer on every sheet of music making tunes for the world. The Twin Tune Brothers are a
hilarious comedy duo, much like Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, but when it comes to singing, their voices sound angelic.

Under Development: The Twin Tune Brothers will fly. The beam that connects their two, eighth notes together are now being developed to transform into propeller blades, so they both can take flight much like a drone.

This innovative character development will be posted soon
Starr is an entertaining singing fairy, and the older sister of Kelly Rose. Starr is known throughout the Kingdom of Cartuneville for her beautiful sounding voice and her love for Rock n’ Roll music. She is a talented actress, songwriter, instrumentalist, and has grown as a musician, moving into scoring, and blending cinematic elements with her music. Starr loves to zip through the air sprinkling children with the awesome inner power of belief in yourself. She is always sharing this dynamic message to children that when you set a goal, have belief in yourself, and take focused action you can achieve successes never dreamed of and feel that wonderful internal glow of selfconfidence.

The Singing Sprite Sisters will soon be going on tour as the opening act for Jingle King & The Notes to promote their new album titled

Kelly Rose is a largerthanlife fairy whose folksy presence looms over modern Country Music. She’s a singersongwriter, multiinstrumentalist, actress and humanitarian who’s considered the Dolly Parton of Cartuneville. Kelly is a genuine country girl at heart who conveys her message of “Belief” like her sister Starr, but through down home stories, folk songs, and ballads. The “Singing Sprite Sisters” just released their latest album through “Tuney Records” with a personalized combined collection of Country and Rock n’ Roll tunes that are sure to delight children around the world that includes their number one hit signature song…
Abram is a gentle and kind older man who is always ready to help his neighbors and animals in times of need. He looks for the good in everyone and everything. He is well known throughout the village and is welcomed into homes with open arms. By his nature, Abram is a most observant and curious person. It was his curiosity and observations that guided him to the creation of music and the origin of Jingle King & The Notes. Abram will occasionally reunite with Jingle King & The Notes where he will share some of his insights and become an integral part of an adventure. Abram is reminiscent of Geppetto in Pinocchio.
Skye Brite is the protector of Jingle King & The Notes. This splendid flying horse is the picture of fitness as she flies through the air on her powerful wings of strength and courage. While her horse sense is keen and she heeds danger instinctively, she is not afraid of taking on anything that tries to do harm. Dependable and loyal, this caring horse provides instant transportation for the Royal Family, Professor Harmony and Ringaling Sharp by carrying them all on her back and flying them high in the sky away from danger and on to new adventures.
He is a child protégé who intuitively absorbed the art, science, mechanics, and subtleties of all aspects of music and musical instruments. He can play any instrument with ease, and he will turn any song into a masterpiece. With these incredible innate talents, he became a worldrenowned songwriter and composer as well as an instructor at the finest music institutions. He was invited to become Cartuneville’s Royal Music Conductor which is now his passion. His love for music reminded Jingle King of Abram, the creator of music notes. In recognition of this exceptional musical brilliance and in honor of Abram, Jingle King knighted him “Sir Note” to represent all genres of music.
Rooster McFlat is a welldressed sixfoot seveninch musical flat note who is accompanied by his clumsy gang of flat notes, BFlat, CFlat and DFlat. They embody the energy of mischief with their main desire to change the town of Cartuneville and steal the throne from Jingle King. Rooster Mc Flat and his Flat Note gang have horrible “Flat” singing voices and their overwhelming jealousy towards Jingle King & The Notes and their exquisite singing voices is what brings these characters to life.

These hilarious characters provide the comic relief necessary to ease dramatic tension that builds up in each episode of The Adventures of Jingle King & The Notes. They cut egos down to size and poke fun at absurd or stagnant situations.

The trickster Rooster McFlat is skillful of forwardthinking strategies, always planning out future moves to great effect. Possessing great intelligence, usually more so than would first appear on the surface and a trickster that’s capable of navigating his way through life’s challenges using cunning, mischief and trickery. Rooster McFlat and his clumsy gang of flat notes will bring laughter to children that is second to none.

A control freak! A Treble Clef is considered to be a critically important music notation, directing the order in which notes will be played or sung and the pitch to be associated with each note. In keeping with the definition of a Treble Clef, Trebleena demands to be in charge of everything all of the time. She is consumed by her quest to take over Jingle King’s throne and become the sole ruler of the Kingdom of Notes. Through her wicked crystal ball, she keeps an everwatchful eye on Jingle King’s every move. Trebleena has a temper and a glare that can pierce steel. When she gets upset her left eye twitches uncontrollably. If things don’t go her way, she lets out a bellowing screech that shakes the tuneful kingdom like an earthquake.
Trebleena has an accomplice to help carry out her evil orders who she affectionately calls “Terrible Tess”. Tess earned her name from her hostile disposition and ornery tenacity. She simply despises most everything. Tess is known to come upon you quickly and silently and then relentlessly go about her wayward deeds, just like a mosquito that descends upon you and bites you several times without you knowing anything happened until you feel the pain and see the welt the next day.

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